International Terroir Congress opens to wine study

The 12th Terroir Congress has finished today after a high level reflection week around more than 100 scientific and technical papers presented. Wine as terroir component and result has been the main focus and the Aragonese Congress may have become a turning point in this sense, according to the Congress manager, Ernesto Franco.

As regards to this, the attention given to enology may increase in following editions as a natural evolution of research. Besides, other factors linked to terroir as consumer perception are also being brought up in the debate.

Vicente Sotés, president of the Congress Scientific Manager, has remarked the ‘in-depth analysis carried out in methodologies to characterize and value terroir’. Sotés has also expressed his satisfaction with the great number of young attendants.

Open mind to change

Although terroir reminds of tradition and roots, growers need to adapt to all kinds of changes which are taking place. They range from growing techniques to information management.

However, the most important change to be faced is the climate change owing to its magnitude and quickness. This has been one of the main issues of the Congress and of the lecture given by Antonio Graca, Sogrape Wines Research and Development Department Manager, in Portugal.

Graca has urged the attendants to have ‘an open mind’ to accept novelties, without disdaining tradition but aware of the fact that ‘not every past knowledge is useful’, has reckoned.

All these changes must lead to a redefinition of terroir. “Nowadays we refer to terroir as something giving a differential factor to wines”, has stated Graca. ‘But I wonder: differential for whom, for growers, for consumers…? Who gives this differential factor?’ the expert has questioned. ‘If we don’t include consumer perception, terroir is nothing’, has stated.

The president of Aragón, Javier Lambán, has closed the 12th Terroir Congress, which gathered in Zaragoza about 250 wine and ground experts, from more than 20 countries. ‘This Congress has meant a strong recognition for wine, agricultural and food sectors’, the president has stated.

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