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XIIth International Terroir CongressFrom the 18th to the 22nd of June 2018, the City of Zaragoza will welcome the XIIth International Terroir Congress. Since 1996, this biennial event allows the expert scientific community to meet and discuss the latest results of research on the concept of ‘terroir’.

The XIIth ediition of the Congress is organized by the Government of Aragon Region and supported by academics from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, under the aegis of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) and with the cooperation of many other partners.

A comprehensive program is proposed about all the concepts related to ‘terroirs’, including several technical visits to vineyards in Aragón región. Nearly 300 experts are expected.

Currently, the notion of ‘terroir’ plays a critical role on the wine industry, and it has a significant impact on the development of vineyards. As a result of an increasing awareness across the world, OIV made the decision to take care of this notion.

France, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Switzerland, Hungary and the United States of America hosted the former conferences. The next edition will be in Zaragoza.

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The XII Terroir International Congress 2018, from June 18 to 22, will bring together experts from 25 countries in Zaragoza, to analyze the influence of the natural environment on the production of peculiar wines, increasingly demanded by the consumer.The celebration of this congress promoted by the World Organization of the Vine and the Wine, that every two years is celebrated in a place of the world and that will arrive at Aragon after being celebrated in 2016 in Oregon (the United States) and to which they will attend more than 200 experts and scientists from 25 countries related to wine.

Approximately 205 participants from various countries have already registered with interesting works (origin and history of the Terroir, components, valorization, perception by the consumer, etc.).

The program of the Congress includes organized visits to four Regulating Councils of the Autonomous Community of Aragon and a wine tasting.

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