D.O.P. Campo de Borja

Campo de Borja is located to the northwest of the province of Zaragoza, and it is a transition zone between the mountains of the Iberian System and the Ebro Valley. It comprises the Somontano del Moncayo and extends along the Valley of the river Huecha and the so called Llanos de Plasencia.

Vineyard surface: 6,809 hectares.

Geology: Smooth with very wide curvature. The relief corresponds to a succession of high plateaus of altitude between 350 and 700m.

Climate: Very continental, with Atlantic winter influence. The diurnal and seasonal thermal contrasts are very pronounced, with extreme temperatures. Precipitation is scarce, standing at an average of 350mm in low zones, up to 450mm in higher areas.

Soils: Limestone and terrace soils, with medium stoniness, good drainage, average levels of organic matter. There are also clayey soils on the slopes closer to the Moncayo, where the stoniness is greater.