Terroir as a vine growing culture, core of the Congress second day

The improvement of vineyards exploitation has been the core of the second day of the 12th Terroir Congress which is being held in Zaragoza during this week.

The adjective terroir involves the development of soil and vine management techniques which provide the wine with distinctive characteristics. So said, Professor Vittorino Novello, from University of Turin, who has opened this second day.

Novello has focused on the relevance of aspects such as the canopy management to get a balance between vegetative and productive growth, something which will be transferred to the wine and will valorize terroir wines.

Other distinctive aspect of terroir wines is the vine vigor control. This can be controlled by appropriate trimmings, by using the accurate nitrogen fertiliser amount and the accurate amount of water required in order not to break the balance and to get the desire wine type.

As well, ‘the care of vine leaves, their density, and distance are key to prevent illnesses without the need to use chemical substances’ have to be more than growing techniques. “They should be cultural practices”, Novello has stated.


Although scientists are unanimous regarding this issue, it arises certain doubts among growers. So has said Thibaut Verdenal, a Swiss agronomical engineer who has exposed the conclusions of a research on the best moment to defoliate vines to avoid fungi diseases. “We did the research to solve growers’ doubts on this issue”, has pointed out.

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