Zaragoza opens the 12th Terroir Congress calling to coherence by the first Spanish Master of Wine

A toast using the clay cups representative of the Congress has officially opened the 12th Terroir Congress, which gathers together during this week more than 250 world wide experts on wine.

The first Spanish Master of Wine, Pedro Ballesteros, has given the first master lecture of the Congress, which has been opened by the Regional Minister for Rural Development and Sustainability, Joaquín Olona.

‘Political and marketing interests are before scientific interests’, has said Ballesteros, in whose view, terroir studies make sense to get a better knowledge of the soils on which vines are grown and to share it, but not so much to influence on consumers.

‘I don’t think research on terroir has a direct effect on consumers. They will be used for short-term and market interests, which are also fair, but we have to be aware of that’, has pointed out.

During his lecture, entitled “Consumers’ perception on terroir”, Ballesteros has been critical to “incoherences” around this concept. In this way, he outstands the breaking between the “magical balance” around the terroir and what is done afterwards in wineries thinking of the consumers.

In any case, Ballesteros, is a heavy terroir supporter. He sees terroir as an ecosystem which involves changes in the grape, must and wine features, and that shows distinctive organoleptic characteristics.

Terroir against depopulation

The Regional Minister for Rural Development and Sustainability, Joaquín Olona, has been the responsible for closing the Congress opening event. Olona has described the wine sector as ‘exemplary in aspects such as depopulation struggle, internationalization and knowledge advance’. Olona has also remarked the ‘hard work’ by the Organising Committee to bring to Zaragoza an event “which will enable prescribers to know Aragonese wines’.

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